Our Comprehensive Services

When you trust Compston Wealth Management with the financial side of your life, you're not just a client – you're now a member of the Compston Wealth Management family. We will strive to treat you like a family member, not just another name and number.

We are a multi-generational firm that focuses on holistic and comprehensive financial planning throughout every aspect of our clients' financial journey. Our focus is long-term, and with our conservative approach, we don't have to chase the day-to-day whims of the markets. We simply ensure that your personalized financial plan is followed to pursue your long-term goals. As our valued client, we can offer the following services to you and your loved ones.

Retirement Planning/Living in Retirement | Planning for retirement goes well beyond thinking how you'll spend your time. It's important to know if you will be active or take it easy, because this can impact how much you need to save – and how you can spend it.

You'll also need to think now about how you will pay for your lifestyle in retirement. With this in mind, we can help you address everything from the potential risks you face – like medical bills and inflation – to smart planning moves like monitoring your portfolio and setting an appropriate asset allocation.

Estate Planning | Everyone needs an estate plan – not just the wealthy. Your situation's complexity will determine the guidance your plan requires.

For many people, estate planning is actually fairly simple – with professional help. However, depending on your situation, it may be rather complex. In either case, meeting with an experienced advisor is the best way to get started.

Education Savings | If you plan to help your children or grandchildren with education costs, you'll want to make sure your financial strategy reflects your intention.

Starting while the kids are young can give you more time to explore your options for helping to pay for private school or college. Our team can help you learn about ways to help grow your education savings while still putting money away for your retirement.

Wealth Management | Take advantage of the high-quality and efficient services our team offers, which include helping you open and maintaining a trust account.

 We can also offer our experience in the following areas:

  • Business Advisory Services
  • Estate Services
  • Legacy Trust
  • Philanthropic Services
  • Special Needs Trust Services